Now that summer is approaching, many people are heading out to their holiday destinations again. As a result, however, many houses are left empty, increasing the risk of burglary and theft. Ring, supplier of smart video doorbells and security cameras, therefore shares four tips on how to keep your home safe during that well-deserved holiday with alarmsystemen.

1. Make it look like you’re at home
No thief comes anywhere near your house if they think you’re behind the door to greet them. Therefore, ask your neighbours to take the mail out of your mailbox or the mat and, if necessary, mow the grass at least once while you are away. Keep your curtains open, provide automatic lighting, park your car on your driveway or in front of the door, or ask your neighbour to park his or her car there. Anything to give the impression that someone is at home.

2. Be smart with security lighting
You won’t be surprised that thieves like the dark, because then they are less visible to passers-by and neighbours. By automatically turning on cameras and lights at night – or even better: install smart-lighting with motion detectors – and keep suspicious intruders away from your home. By installing cameras with built-in security lighting or outdoor lighting with motion sensors near your driveway or in your front yard, you’ll know immediately if uninvited (or unwanted) guests are walking towards your front door.

3. Go for smart home security
To provide even more peace of mind when you’re away, it’s good to secure your home with the latest security features. Be proactive and don’t give burglars time to quickly steal something away: invest in smart cameras and doorbell systems. Take, for example, the Ring Video Doorbells, which send notifications directly to your smartphone, tablet or PC if someone presses your doorbell or activates the motion sensors. From the free Ring app, you can see, hear and talk to visitors or the postman at your door from your holiday destination.

4. Provide visible home security
The more visible your security is, the less chance you have of falling prey to a thief. Install a visible security camera or a smart doorbell to keep burglars and car thieves away from your home. It can also help, for example, to put signs or stickers in your garden or on your windows to remind any intruders that they are being watched.